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Rise: For Such A Time As This?

Covid-19’s impact on our world has been both crippling and devastating for many. It is our new global enemy and everyone, everywhere, is battling this invisible giant. Covid-19 has affected world leaders, governments, and our churches. It has brought fear […]

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Coping With Covid – A medic’s view

We are living in unprecedented times at present, such that none of us in healthcare have ever experienced before. In my practice we have changed to telephone triage of all patients, rather them seeing them face to face. I have […]

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Peace in Pandemic

The world has been hit with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It’s everywhere on the news, pinging on our smartphones and in our social media streams. There’s no getting away from it! Governments are asking people to stop creating fake news […]

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The Ultimate Act of Love

God walked amongst His creation. Jesus was born of a virgin, God incarnate, God amongst mortals. Nothing more amazing ever came into this world, so why did Jesus – the Promise, the Son of God – have to die? The […]

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Love One Another

Showing the love of Jesus is critical to authentic Christianity. It’s His amazing love that brings us all into His Kingdom through salvation and it’s the church – His instrument of change – which is the vehicle that keeps us […]

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God, the Master Weaver: The Story of Joseph

It’s very easy for us to become comfortable with our lives. We can find a level of satisfaction in the things we have, our possessions, careers, education and even our family, and this can cause us to become complacent and […]

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The Marketplace and Church

One of the questions pastors get asked is “how should I conduct my business when it involves people from church as potential customers?” To answer this question it is helpful to look at the Gospels; they relate two instances when […]

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Leicester City: Champions!

Everyone at Harvest City Church is celebrating a fantastic week for the City of Leicester. After Tottenham and Chelsea drew 2-2, the Foxes secured the Premier League with two games still to play. They join Leicester’s Mark Selby (who became […]

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Too young to be saved?

Christmas and New Year are always special times for children, with presents, parties and lots of excitement. And this year over twenty of our older Junior Church children also claimed the most amazing and long lasting gift they’ll ever come […]

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The Office Staff Having Fun

Do you ever just feel like dancing? Well, yesterday morning, we did! Highlights of this video for us are Ian’s concentration face, Sarah’s Hollywood smile and Grace’s shimmy. Let us know yours in the comments!

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Pastor Chip’s JC Teacher

This is my Junior Church teacher, Mrs Earleen Small. She taught me from infant till I was old enough for youth group. I can assure you I wasn’t the easiest of kids (as you can tell from the video!), however […]

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Who is Your Hero?

There are many people that we can look to for inspiration. People like the civil rights activists Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, and Olympic sportsmen and women like Mo Farrah and Ellie Simmonds are heroes to many. One of […]

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Samuel L. Jackson’s True Identity (and yours, too!)

Reporter Sam Rubin is learning the hard way that people are very protective of their identity after confusing Samuel L. Jackson for another actor. From the BBC News website: Actor Samuel L Jackson has scolded a US TV host who […]

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Under Siege

2 Kings 25 tells the story of how the city of Jerusalem fell to King Nebuchanezzar of Babylon after a 30 month siege. It is difficult to imagine what life would have been like for the Israelites who lived there […]

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When were you last this happy?

Oh, TNL you say? Good answer! (Props to Dan on the dance moves!) Seriously though, if church is this much fun, why aren’t we inviting everyone we meet?

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The Importance of Honouring God

At the start of the year we often make new year resolutions, a promise to ourselves that in some way or other we are going do something to improve our life. Now we are a couple of weeks into 2014 […]

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Crown the Year!

Just to whet your appetite for church this Sunday, here’s the trailer for the message! We’re already near the half-way point of our Crown the Year fast in preparation for First Fruits on the Sunday 19th. The church has already […]

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