Here we feature some of the faces you’ll see around Harvest City Church and dig a bit deeper into who they are and how they live for Christ in their daily lives.

Tell us a little bit more about yourself and your family.

Tiff: Dan and I have been married for almost 6 years. We met at university when we were 20. We got married in Oakham and had our wedding reception at a hotel on Rutland Waters Edge – the day was perfect! We had our daughter 3 and a half years ago – she is such a blessing to us and continues to amaze us daily as to what she can do and her love for the Lord! We’ve been partners in Harvest City Church for nearly a year now. We first came to HCC about 7 years ago but left for a while as we really wanted to find a church closer to our home (we drive nearly an hour to get to church!). But after trying for a few years we finally realised that it is worth the journey and God puts you where he wants you – and that for us that’s right here at HCC! We love it and it’s our family.

After having your daughter Macy, how did you decide whether you would return to work or become a stay at home mum?

Tiff: I originally decided to go back to work for financial reasons more than anything. However, after a year and half of being back at work, we decided as a family that some things were worth forgoing and that it would be better for us as a family if I stayed at home and maybe worked 2 days locally. It wasn’t a hard decision on my end as I always wanted to stay at home with Macy. I think it was hard on Dan as he is now the sole bread winner for our family, but he does such a sterling job at that! We did pray over it so we know that this is where and what God wants us to be doing as a family.

What advice would you give to new mums that are still deciding on whether they should go back to work?

Tiff: It’s such a tough one as I think most mums feel the pull to go both ways. I would say you need to pray over it as a family and trust what God tells you. I think for a lot of people they worry about the money aspect, but we have been shown through many people (myself included) at church that God has our back and will provide in ways you never thought possible! You could also look at jobs that enable you to work from home. Hats off to you, though, as I reckon just looking after Macy is a full time job! She is one demanding little lady: future husband be warned!

Dan, as you are accountable for several national banks, what are some of the pressures that you face daily?

Dan: Prioritising and meeting regulations and the forever changing demands of these national banks! It’s hard but when it all falls into place, it is so rewarding.

Does Christianity play any part in your work?

Dan: We both think that it does as there are constant reminders that you are not of this world when non-Christian colleagues say things/make decisions that you know are not God-lead. These are the times where you can only lead by example and give your two pennies worth.

How do you measure how successful your day has been, whether at work or home?

Tiff: If the house is still standing, Macy is still in one piece and dinner is on the table! Only joking! If Macy says she has had a fun day then my job is done.

Dan: Whether I have learnt something new and delivered what I said I would for the day.

And lastly, what is your favourite thing about your spouse?

Tiff: My favourite thing about Dan is how hard he works for his family and how fiercely he loves the Lord. When there are times that I don’t want to pray, Dan will do it for us and encourage me. Dan works so hard and in such a respectable way.

Dan: There are a lot to cover here but I will try to keep it short: One, her ability to try her very hardest to be the best mum. I know Macy is in very capable and loving hands when I leave for work which gives me all the confidence I need to be the best I can be when I am away from the family. Two, her ability to manage me when I am in crisis mode. She is my sounding board for work or home and the person I go to for advice and a calm head. And three, which is most important, her fear of the Lord. We all get caught up in busy lives but she reminds me that the Lord has a plan and as long as we go and get it the Lord will provide!

Dan and Tiff both help out in Junior Church and Dan is also part of the stewarding team. They work incredibly hard to help keep Harvest city Church moving forward and growing in our city of Leicester.