Welcome to our newest blog feature – Profile. Here we hope to feature some of the faces you’ll see around Harvest City Church and dig a bit deeper into who they are and how they live for Christ in their daily lives.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family
Des: We are Desmond and Tatenda and we have been married for eight and a half years. About three and a half ago, we were blessed with a son Anopa; whom you have probably seen running around at church. We are both Zimbabwean born, and have been living in Leicester for about two and a half years. I’m an Engineering Project Manager in the utilities industry in projects across the UK. Tatenda is a Physiotherapist. Our hobbies together include running around after Anopa, going to the gym and swimming. I also enjoy going cycling and watching rugby and athletics while Tatenda enjoys drawing and dancing.

What does your work entail?
Des: My job involves the project management from design, construction right up to commissioning of water and wastewater infrastructure and non-infrastructure projects for industrial clients right across the UK. This also involves the management of the health and safety aspects of all personnel working on each of the projects.

Tatenda: My job involves the assessment and treatment of people with musculoskeletal conditions and sporting injuries, either face-to-face or over a telephone consultation. I’m also involved in the rehabilitation of patients following various orthopaedic surgeries.

How do your careers give you the opportunity to serve the community?
Des: In my job I get to volunteer to talk to school and college students on choosing STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects as a career. It’s a privilege to be able to share knowledge of the industry so that students are able to make an informed decision in choosing their careers. The projects I work on ensure that communities have safe drinking water and that the wastewater is properly handled to avoid disease outbreaks.

Tatenda: Pain, injury and dysfunction of our bodies are things that people would rather live without; especially if they stop them from pursuing sporting activities and generally living their lives, so giving advice on the prevention of these can make a huge difference to individuals.

Is your faith relevant when it comes to your work?
Des: Jesus is the absolute truth and we are called to be Christ-like. As much as my work involves absolute calculations most of the time, it also involves being truthful about various situations to all stakeholders, clients, and my own management. My faith becomes relevant in that I should always tell the truth no matter how uncomfortable the situation may be. I find that if I’m not honest about any of my projects it becomes very difficult to witness to anyone.

Tatenda: Yes, it definitely is. Without a doubt. I always try and work above and beyond what is expected of me including being compassionate and very caring towards my patients. Sometimes just giving someone an extra few minutes of your time, even in the midst of time constraints, and being empathetic to their problems goes a long way in making people feel cared for and they tend to appreciate that, which is what we are called to do as Christians.

In what ways does your commitment to God and church affect your work?
Des: My colleagues know that I’m a Christian so they are always looking at how I deal with various situations. My lifestyle and way of working has to reflect Christ in that I have to be truthful and honest in my interactions with both my colleagues and clients. At times it is difficult to tell clients that they won’t get a complete project at a time they were expecting. It can be tempting to massage the truth to keep the peace between the two contracting sides, but as a result of my beliefs; I have learnt to have the difficult conversations. As difficult as these conversations can be; clients and colleagues have come to accept that they will always get the exact status on projects without any sugar coating, which they appreciate.

Tatenda: It makes me strive for excellence in everything I do at work. I always try to give the best care possible and remain honest, knowing it’s God I represent. It’s not always easy but I ask for His grace and wisdom to help me.

Lastly, how did it feel when you were asked to be Harvest Group leaders?
It came to both of us as a complete shock and we were initially quite scared to think the pastor wanted to trust us with such a huge responsibility. We simply did not feel ready or capable. We were both quite comfortable being in the background with little visibility in the church. After prayer we chose to believe that God would give us the ability to undertake the task He had placed in front of us. Even today; we still don’t feel that we are capable but God gives us the grace to do what we can to the best of our abilities.