Here we hope to feature some of the faces you’ll see around Harvest City Church and dig a bit deeper into who they are and how they live for Christ in their daily lives.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Olida and I am from the beautiful island of St.Lucia in the West Indies, also called the Helen of the West. I am a proud mum of three beautiful stars; Nilam 19, Avinash 16 and Sunita 14. We’ve been Partners at Harvest City Church for four years.

Your role in customer service requires dealing with a range of different people, from the pleasant customers to the ‘not so satisfied’ ones. How do you handle difficult customers and do you think that it has helped you in dealing with people outside of work?

I love and enjoy my job! Difficult customers are not always having good days. You listen carefully, try to make sure you don’t ask them to repeat themselves, be very attentive, find the main source/cause of the problem. Get right to it and sort it out, and sometimes a little gesture helps. Dealing with this outside work, the world rotates; I try to do the same.

Some people may say customer service is a less desirable job as you’re dealing with people’s problems most of the time. What made you take on this particular role and what’s your favourite thing about it?

Well, I must say I really do enjoy being a customer service agent and I have done this in different fields (housing, car rental and now home direct) for the past 12 years. I enjoy dealing with even the toughest customers, but the most challenging ones are those who are most calm. They can be the toughest and with them it’s all about paying full attention. If it’s not a job for you, please find something else which suits you! I love dealing with people. I am a people’s person. My favourite thing about my job is I’ve got what it takes.

How do you guarantee your customer’s needs are met, and how do you apply some of these tips in your own life?

Customer’s needs are always met if you listen carefully. Sometimes they are just frustrated and them being difficult has nothing to do with their query at all. With the right words and attitude, along with a sincere apology, it does work. Outside of work, if I have to deal with difficult people I just pretend I’m on the phones and tell myself they’re a customer!

How do you ensure you don’t allow a bad day, or a bad mood, to affect your good customer service skills?

I always try to think, speak and be positive. On bad days I play music really loudly, that works for me. I try to treat each customer equally, but on bad days I try to remember the positives of the better days in order to remain positive and see the good in every bad or challenging situation.

And finally, tell us what your secret is to being jolly and full of beans all the time?

My secret to being jolly all the time is that life is worth living. I am the spice of life; music is my world. We only get one chance so why not serve God, love each other, dress up and make the best of it, because it’s good!

Olida works for Next Direct and serves in Junior Church as a helper. She also regularly caters at church events.