Here we feature some of the faces you’ll see around Harvest City Church and dig a bit deeper into who they are and how they live for Christ in their daily lives.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I work as a Travel Consultant for Hogg Robinson Group and have been with them for 7 years. I’m from Zimbabwe and there are five of us in my family; my beautiful daughter Arianna, my younger brother Ainsley, and my mum and dad. I’m very lucky to have a close-knit, supportive family. I’ve been coming to Harvest City Church since April 2012, and was delighted to become a partner in June 2015. I love football and I’m a passionate Arsenal fan.

What does an average day at your workplace entail?

It’s very chaotic, fast paced and stressful. I book travel for central government and the MoD worldwide, so you can imagine how demanding they are. On a daily basis I deal with a booking from initial contact all the way to fulfilment and after sales customer support. That means arranging hotel payments, dealing with overpayments and refunds. A lot of what I do is managing customer’s expectations and complaints which can be very stressful, especially when plans change and I cannot get them into suitable secure accommodation at the very last minute.

How do you prevent dissatisfied customers from ruining the rest of your day at work?

The only thing that keeps me level is knowing that God is with me. I make sure Arianna and I pray first thing in the morning before we go about our daily routines. That helps me deal with whatever the day throws at me. I also make sure I do my best and take a lot of pride in my work. I know I cannot please every single client all the time, but at least when I get home knowing I have given 100% of myself, that makes me happy.

How do you carry out your work as though you are working for the Lord?

I put a lot of pride into my work and try to build a professional relationship with my clients. I’ve been told I spend more time meeting client needs then most on the team. I show clients a lot of respect, appreciation and sympathy when they are in tough situations. I always make sure I build a rapport with them on the phone. I make them feel special, as I have come to know many of our clients deal with a lot, considering the jobs they do.

How can you tell if you’ve had a successful day at work?

If I have resolved most of my client complaints or booked their first choice accommodation in the first point of contact then it’s been a good day. It means less work the next day!