Welcome to our newest blog feature – Profile. Here we hope to feature some of the faces you’ll see around Harvest City Church and dig a bit deeper into who they are and how they live for Christ in their daily lives.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves

Vic: I was born in Northern Ireland and moved to Leicester when I was 8 years old, I have four older sisters. I have been part of HCC since the very beginning and have been friends with some of the original members for most of my life. It was through these friendships that I was brought to Christ, aged 14. Between 1994 -1997, as part of voluntary work I carried out with a missionary organisation, I spent time in Mexico, USA, India and Australia, where I lived for 2 years. Around 4 years ago, I started my own company specialising in video and digital marketing.

Sara: I was brought up in the Peak District in a Christian family. I was baptised at age 14 at the same time as my parents. I am blessed to have my parents, one older sister and my wonderful Grandma, aged 94 years. I moved to Nottingham in 1995 to start training to become a nurse. I moved to Leicester at the beginning of 2004, a year after meeting Vic and having been coming to HCC since then. I have continued to work in nursing since qualifying in 1998 and currently work as a sister on a day surgery ward.

We have been married since August 2004, and together, over the years we have been privileged to be involved in many different areas of HCC, including Junior Church, NRG (now Ignite), teaching at TNL, welcome team and Beautify. We currently lead Braunstone Town Harvest Group which meets in our home, help out on the welcome team and Sara helps on the team leading Beautify.

When your workplace/job begins to feel mundane how do you motivate yourself?

Vic: God has given me a passion for my work and a desire to learn. I’m grateful that the work is varied so in itself it is not mundane. However, it can be hard to keep myself motivated at times as I am working for myself. I remind myself of how God has come through for me since starting the business, and provided opportunities. I know what I am doing is God’s plan, that in itself is what motivates me.

Sara: It can be very challenging sometimes, not only at work but in life in general, to motivate myself as things can become mundane. Although it may sound clichéd, I keep in mind the verse from Colossians 3 “whatever you do work at it as working unto the Lord”. That should be the greatest motivation when doing anything, from cleaning a toilet to attending a seemingly never-ending management meeting. I am representing Christ and should maintain a good attitude, remain joyful and do even the most tedious jobs the best I can.

In what ways do you think you can influence work colleagues, friends and family rather than being influenced by them?

The way we respond in difficult times can influence others. We need to maintain a good attitude and remember that we are representing Christ, no matter what we are going through, and to be joyful in all circumstances. It’s important to understand that if we are allowing anyone, work colleagues, family or friends to influence us they must ultimately be pushing us towards Jesus and not away from him. It is good to keep in mind a quote from C. S. Lewis: “listen to no man who has not listened to God”. We are thankful for our leaders in HCC who listen to God and provide good teaching, influencing us so we can, in turn and with God’s grace, influence others.

How do you prevent yourself from slipping into a religious routine rather than having an intimate relationship with Christ on a daily basis?

If our relationship with Christ was reliant on purely attending church then there would be a danger of slipping into a religious routine and doing things out of duty. We want the whole of our lives to have Christ at the centre, not just Sunday mornings or Tuesday nights. It isn’t out of duty or religion that we read our Bibles, pray and listen to worship music, but out of love for Christ. We appreciate our leaders in HCC who provide guidance, direction and support; however we know that we cannot rely on this alone for an intimate relationship with Christ on a daily basis. There are days when it is harder than others, we know our weaknesses but we are blessed to have each other as encouragement. Praying together every day may be seen as routine, however it keeps Christ in the centre of our lives.

Lastly, as Harvest Group leaders, what do you think is the best thing about your particular group?

The best thing about our group is being able to have great times of fellowship and prayer. We always have fun (and usually chocolate!), but what we appreciate is being able to be open with each other and very supportive. Every time we meet as a group, as leaders we are always encouraged. Everyone who comes along gets involved and it’s a privilege to be their leaders. We may be small, but though we don’t have quantity we have a quality group.