Here we hope to feature some of the faces you’ll see around Harvest City Church and dig a bit deeper into who they are and how they live for Christ in their daily lives.

How long have you been married?

We’ve been married since 2004 but we have been together since 2001.

Do you have any children?

We have two lovely kids, a 9 year-old boy called Zolani and a 4 year-old girl, Siyanda.

What do you do for a living?

Zee: I work in forensic mental health services with the NHS.

Thenji: I work for the NHS Families, Young People and Children’s Services as a Clinics Co-ordinator.

What is it about your career that puts a smile on your face?

Thenji: It’s dealing with people from all walks of life.

Zee: In my current job I work with people who have been through very traumatic experiences which have resulted in their struggling to cope with life in general, sometimes to the point of being suicidal. This may even have led to them being sectioned in the mental health services, however it always gives me joy when I impart something that helps them face another day. The impact Godly wisdom has on everyday issues is a wonderful thing.

How do you deal with those who challenge your faith and beliefs?

Thenji: It depends. I have been in situations where the subject of Christian faith comes up among a group of colleagues. I don’t remember any of these discussions being positive. I never take part in these because I don’t like confrontation and it’s mostly ranting and venting. However, when I’m challenged directly I usually just tell my personal story of how accepting Christ as my Lord and Saviour changed my life, and how a daily walk with Him is so much better than when I used to depend entirely on my own strength. I find I can’t always justify Christ to someone who has never read the Bible, so I just testify of the love He has showed and continues to show me daily.

Zee: I am a big guy, no one challenges me about anything! But seriously, I love a good debate but I also don’t believe you can argue anyone to salvation. I believe the way we walk and carry ourselves in daily life has a big impact on those around us. I want to live so that others will want to know Jesus. I always smile when my colleagues apologise for swearing around me. I believe that is a testimony of the impact I am making on the world. I have always stood firmly against the challenges on my hope in Christ while also exercising much grace. It’s important to me that my faith in Jesus and my passion for his church is evident to all, so after a good debate I always make it a point to invite people to Harvest City Church, my home.

What are some of the things you do to ensure you remain joyful in a world that can sometimes seem negative and hopeless?

Thenji: I love music! I listen to a lot of music; I sing out loud and try to write songs.

Zee: I am a keen photographer. We try – despite shift work – to make time to spend together as a family. We go outdoors with the kids if the weather is good. We get to church and spend time with our church family.

What are some of the teams you are involved in and what do you think is the importance of serving in church?

Thenji: I serve in the music team, in praise and worship. I also help in Junior Church. I believe it’s important if you are part of a church family to serve. As more people become part of the church there are different needs to be met and it’s the people in the church who should give their time, talents, treasure and touch to serve the church.

Zee: Having served in different teams over the years I find myself covering the gaps wherever there is a need. A question I have always asked myself when called to serve is, “if not me, then who?” I love serving in God’s house and the satisfaction I get from knowing I am doing my bit to further the work that God is doing in through his church.