Giving our tithes and offerings to the Lord is an important part of our worship. If you would like to give now, please select the appropriate payment type from the dropdown menu.

Once you hit “Submit” you will be taken to PayPal – a secure payment website – where you can give using your credit/debit card or PayPal account. Once you complete payment you will receive a confirmation email from PayPal to let you know that your donation was successful and you will be returned here.

Please note that PayPal will take a small percentage of your donation, e.g. for every £100 donated we will receive £98.40.

Online Donation Form

Please make sure that you complete the form fully – all information is required.

First Name:

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Amount (£):

Payment Type:
I would like Harvest City Church to reclaim the tax I have paid on all my donations since 2003 and any further donations I may make. I pay and have paid income or capital gains tax (in the UK) equal to the tax that Harvest City Church will reclaim (currently 28p for each £1 I give).

Bank Details

If you would like to make a regular payment we encourage you to set up a standing order with your bank. Our details are:

Clydesdale & Yorkshire Bank

Account Name: Harvest City Church
Account No: 29664177
Sort Code: 05-05-60

For international payments, please use one of the following:

IBAN: GB22YORK05056029664177

When making a payment via your bank please include your first initial, surname and the reason for the payment in the reference field, e.g. JSmith-Tithe, or JSmith-FF.