Following Jesus
Prayer & Fasting Week 1:
To know Him is to follow Him.

Following Him in my life, family, community, work and studies, my city, in faith and in tough times.
Living For Jesus
Prayer & Fasting Week 2:
To know Him is to live for Him.

Living for Him through prayer, worship, the Word, giving, fellowship, serving and fasting.
Sharing Jesus
Prayer & Fasting Week 3:
To know Him is to share Him

Sharing Jesus with non-believers, co-workers, friends, family, other religions, actions and words.
Prayer & Fasting
When the disciples said, ‘Lord, teach us how to pray’, it was a genuine, heart-felt cry. It’s a cry that needs to echo daily in our own lives as believers. We must cultivate a heart for prayer if we are going to create the lifestyle of a praying believer.
First Fruits
Jesus, in the Gospels, commissioned his followers to ‘give and it will come back to you’. We can go as far as to say the mark of a true convert is one who lives the exchanged life: a life that reflects Christianity as Jesus intended it to be; a life of love under-pinned by giving and receiving; a life of generosity and obedience.
I Speak Jesus
The Essentials Series covers pivotal topics in the Christian faith in a simple, easy to understand way.
Written for everyone – from those new to the faith to seasoned believers – these books will energise your walk with Christ and take your faith to a whole new level.

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