Congratulations to the graduates of HCC’s Intern Studies programme!

On Sunday 1st February we celebrated the achievements of twelve partners of Harvest City Church as they graduated from the Intern Studies Programme. Each graduate committed themselves to studying on a Saturday morning over two years. The course involved the study of subjects such as the life of Christ, the early church and biblical hermeneutics and homiletics. They also had a chance to do some projects based in the areas where they volunteer.

Ian Mann, the programme leader said, “We are so proud of all the graduates, their commitment and hard work in learning more about the bible showed a real desire to get to know more about God and His plans and purposes for them, we are already reaping the benefits of this in the various areas of the church where they serve.”

Kate Gooch, one of the graduates said, “This was a great course which taught me how to read and study the Bible more effectively as well as how to communicate with others and apply what we had learnt. It has been enormously beneficial in helping me develop my relationship with God as well as with the other students on the course. The course is very well taught and is combined with opportunities for mentoring, including plenty of feedback and support. I would thoroughly recommend the course to everyone whether they are a new believer or have been a believer for many years. Everyone can learn something more in this course.”

Intern Studies - Harvest City Church Leicester

Special recognition goes to Adrene Henley who was voted best student by her peers and teaching staff – well done Adrene!

The course starts again in April, and we encourage anyone who wants to go to the next level in their relationship with Christ and to be more effective in their church service to check it out and sign up!