Harvest City Church is going through some exciting developments and, come September, we will be moving up to The Next Level!

From the 13th and 15th September, our Sunday and Tuesday services will be changing. Due to our growing numbers, on Sundays we will be adding a 9am service at St John’s to our existing 10.30am service at Judgemeadow, and our Tuesday service will be moving to the Corah Suite, just opposite our building at St John’s.

These moves mean we’ll be able to make space for around 200 new souls in the church, which is really exciting!

New service times

Sunday, 9am at St John’s
Sunday, 10.30am at Judgemeadow
Tuesday, 7.30pm at Corah Suite
(JC will be at St John’s)

PLEASE NOTE: The bus will no longer be running from St John’s. You will need to make your own way to Judgmeadow for the 10.30am service there.

Please watch this video explainer from our pastors, Chip and Sarah, for all the details. Hopefully, it will be able to answer any questions you might have. Read on for the highlights.

The Next Level

If you have any questions about the changes please see your Harvest Group leader or department head.

This is an exciting time and a great opportunity for everyone to get involved – new partners, existing partners, everyone! Get involved, start to serve, do what’s God’s called you to do and help us to build God’s Kingdom together, here in Leicester. Let’s see the church grow!


FAQs: Sunday

Is the church splitting?
No! To make room for new souls we are adding an extra service at St John’s.

What is happening on Sundays?
There will be a 9am service at St John’s, and a 10.30am service at JM.

How will I know which service to attend?
Partners who belong to Harvest City Church will rotate through each service over the course of a few weeks. Exact dates and rotas will be available nearer the time. Visitors are always welcome at any of our services, so please choose whichever suits you best!

What about visitors?
Visitors are always welcome at any of our services. Please choose the one that suits you best and come worship with us!

Can I choose which service I go to?
If you are a visitor, then yes, absolutely! Please come to whichever service you’d like. You are more than welcome. If you are a Partner in Harvest City Church then please attend the service you have been allocated to as this will ensure we have space in each service for visitors.

Can I go to both services?
No, not really. We want to leave seats free for new people, and by attending just your allocated service you will help us to ensure there’s always space for visitors.

Will I get the same teaching at different services?
Yes. Our speaker each week will be very busy as they will preach at the 9am service, then travel to JM to preach at the 10.30am service!

Will the worship be different?
No. We will have two worship teams on duty each Sunday, one at St John’s and one at JM, and our music team will rotate through both just like everyone else. So both services will have the same time and sense of worship.

Will I still get to see my friends?
Yes! The rota will be based on Harvest Groups and will work in such a way that you will see different groups each week, so over a couple of weeks everyone should see everyone else.

Will this affect how I serve in church?
What you do probably won’t change much, but where you do it might. Your department head will be in touch before the move to explain any changes.

FAQs: Tuesday

What’s happening to TNL on Tuesdays?
We’ve run out of space at St John’s, so the service will now take place in the Corah Suite, a 30 second walk from St John’s, on the other side of the car park. JC will be taking over St John’s during TNL, so you’ll need to drop your children there first before making your way over to Corah for a 7.30pm start.

Where is the Corah Suite?
Corah is a 30 second walk from St John’s, just on the other side of the car park.

Why are we moving there?
We’re blessed with a large number of people attending out Tuesday service and are full to overflowing. Moving to Corah will make space for everyone to attend plus room to grow, and free up St John’s for JC to have fun with!

Can I still park at St John’s?
Yes. The car park is available as usual, and just as convenient for Corah.

Will we still have refreshments? 
Yes! We will serve tea and coffee in our newly-refurbished cafe area at St John’s straight after the service. Partners and visitors are welcome to come back from Corah for a drink and fellowship.

What about Junior Church?
JC will have the complete run of St John’s! Please sign your children into JC at St John’s from 7.15pm to give you time to get over to Corah for a 7.30pm start.

Will my child be ok?
Absolutely. All our JC staff are CRB/DBS checked and trained, and there is a first aider on site at all times. JC staff will be in constant contact with Corah, and if your child needs you for any reason you will be notified via an on-screen message. This is the same system we have been using successfully at JM for the last three years.