There are many people that we can look to for inspiration. People like the civil rights activists Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, and Olympic sportsmen and women like Mo Farrah and Ellie Simmonds are heroes to many. One of our young people in iGnite was asked to write a short story at school about someone who inspired them. Instead of choosing a pop star or sports personality she chose to write about our pastor.

We always look forward to the service, with great energetic worship. But we all know that it’s the preaching that we look forward to. “The prophetic word” they always say. Many of the elders are great at it, for what they say is true: they’re all great at their gospel, always putting a smile to my lips. But today however, I’m looking forward to seeing the pastor himself!

I clapped softly, nodding and smiling to myself. My pastor always somehow manages to light a spark in my heart (whether I am happy or not.) His wise and kind words help me think and help me excel in the future. My parents have seen miracles in their life and I hope to see it too! I know I have seen God working in my life already and don’t want that fact to change – ever.

1 Corinthians 11:1 and Titus 2:7 tell us that church leaders should be an inspiration to those around them. They should lead a life that others will want to follow, setting an example in character and attitude. This was something our iGniter saw in our pastor and our other leaders, inspiring her to put her trust in God and lighting a spark inside that will carry her forwards into the great future that He has for her.

Harvest City Church is full of inspiring people. God can make the most ordinary of us into a hero and an inspiration to someone. We may not all be able to stand and preach but we can all have a lasting impact on those around us. Church is more than us, here, now. It touches the next generation and beyond, which is why we can say that when we sow into church life we sow into the eternal.